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About us

Our work is all inspired by, and dedicated to, Daisy the Dachshund. Daisy lived for over 17 years, and her life showed us the warmth and companionship that animals provide. After she passed away, her human family started Daisy Campaign to raise awareness for animal welfare causes, and later registered the nonprofit company Daisy Foundation, to help provide more animals with the comfort that she had during her long life. Our work is because of her. 



Our work in the world of animal welfare started as an adoption campaign, but we quickly identified a big issue: shelters are overstretched and under-resourced, and often need supplies donated. We all know that it's tough for shelters to afford the basics their animals need. While this problem doesn't have one single solution, we've come up with an idea that can certainly help fix it.

Daisy Foundation's online store is a unique shop where people can purchase real goods to be donated to shelters in need — making donating to dogs in need both easy and accessible. This way, the public is able to donate towards animal rescues through our website, and we're able to improve the conditions that animals experience while waiting for their forever homes. 

That's not all, though. Daisy Foundation is taking an all-round approach to supporting shelters, and other organisations on the frontlines of animal welfare. Besides our donations of items contributed by the public online, we also have directly donated thousands of rands to other organisations, raised awareness for animal welfare causes, highlighted the importance of animal shelter workers, and encouraged volunteering at animal welfare organisations.