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About monthly beneficiaries

The resources available for purchase on our online shop go a long way in supporting shelters and keeping dogs warm, comfortable, and a bit happier while they wait for forever homes. Daisy had a comfortable life for over seventeen years, and these resources give more dogs a chance at long, happy lives. 

All purchases made through the Daisy Foundation Shop are donated to our beneficiary organisations — not delivered to our supporters. Some months of the year, we donate all items purchased from our website to our "Shelter of the Month".

How does our "Shelter of the Month" system work?

Daisy Foundation NPC processes all orders for the month, and delivers the goods purchased by our supporters to the non-profit animal rescue in the following month. This makes it quick and simple for you to send resources to the shelter, and provides the shelter with resources to assist in the weeks ahead.

In the event that we make a surplus on any items bought (this may happen due to fluctuating costs), we use these funds to run the Foundation's admin and reinvest it into our animal-related activities. 

Please note: "Shelter of the Month" donations are suspended due to the COVID-19 lockdown. In the meantime, we are providing relief to shelters here