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Masks for Shelter Workers

Masks for Shelter Workers

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R 10.00

We believe that when urgent need arises, urgent action must be taken. 

As a part of our COVID-19 relief efforts, we are donating masks to animal shelters and rescues for staff. Oftentimes, shelters are under-resourced, and staff are underprivileged. We want to eliminate as many additional financial burdens created by the current crisis as possible, and that’s why we’re donating masks to these important workers. Chip in, if you can. 

Please add your desired quantity to match the value you’re willing to donate:

  • R10 = 1 mask
  • R50 = 5 masks
  • R100 = 10 masks
  • R200 = 20 masks
  • R1000 = 100 masks

Masks to be donated are triple-layered reusable cloth masks. Image for illustration purposes only. 

Learn more about our Relief Fund here